School enrollment examination

The Health Department conducts the school enrollment examination for all school beginners with main residence in Jena.

For the school year 2022/2023 the examinations start on 31.01.2022 in the building "Bau 59", Leutragraben 4, 07743 Jena. The entrance is located to the right of the tax office.

In Thuringia, this examination is only performed by physicians from the pediatric and adolescent medical service of the health offices.

All children starting school who are resident in Jena are examined.

The school enrollment examination is carried out to assess the physical, mental and spiritual development of your child.

Examination focuses

  • testing of the sensory organs (visual acuity and hearing)
  • measurement of height and weight
  • the physical examination
  • assessment of physical motor skills and speech
  • observation of social maturity and behavior
  • the survey of the vaccination status and a vaccination consultation

As a result of the examination, the child and adolescent medical service will discuss recommendations with you that are important for your child's successful attendance at school, formulate them to be passed on to the school and, with your consent, inform the school.


School enrollment examinations take place for children with their main residence in Jena by 31.05. at the latest in the child's year of enrollment. Appointments at a later date are only possible in consultation with the Pediatric and Adolescent Medical Service.

Schedule for the 2022/2023 school year

Appointments in general

Here you can get to the Online appointment arrangement.

Only in exceptional cases is it possible to make an appointment for this by mail or by phone as indicated below.

Appointment special cases

All parents:

  • Of children with special needs (inclusion support measures such as early intervention, integrative place, sensory-specific support),
  • who wish for their children to be deferred from school attendance in 2022/23,
  • of children with a request for early enrollment in school,
  • children who do not attend kindergarten (home-schooled children),

please make an appointment by telephone as ofnow
Tuesday (10:00 - 12:00) or Thursday (14:00 - 16:00)
under the telephone numbers 0049 3641 49-3282 or 0049 3641 49-3126
or by mail:
to make an appointment.

Under Download we have provided two documents for you:

  1. Forms - Please fill out, print and bring with you.
  2. Information material - Please read carefully and pay attention to it

In addition, please bring with you

  • Vaccination card of the child (obligatory)
  • the booklet for the documentation of the early detection examination (yellow booklet - submission voluntary)

Thank you very much!

The forms are also available on site and can be filled out there.


Place of enrollment examination 2022

Place of enrollment examination 2022

Leutragraben 4 (Bau 59), 6. Etage
07743 Jena

Place of enrollment examination 2022

Leutragraben 4 (Bau 59), 6. Etage
07743 Jena