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Hospital Hygiene

Medizinische Einrichtungen wie z. B. das Universitätsklinikum Jena oder Arztpraxen in der Stadt Jena werden infektionshygienisch durch den Fachdienst Gesundheit der Stadt Jena überwacht.

Medical and nursing facilities in outpatient and inpatient care the city of Jena become infection-sanitary by the Health Department. In particular the

  • the University Hospital and
  • TAging clinics,
  • Dialysis facilities,
  • Facilities for outpatient surgery,
  • the birthplace,
  • Medical and dental surgeries,
  • outpatient care services providing intensive outpatient care in institutions, residential groups or other forms of collective living, and
  • Practices of other human medical healing professions (e.g. invasive alternative practitioners).

Monitoring is carried out routinely at certain time intervals depending on the risk classification of the facilities. However, if necessary (e.g. complaints), an unannounced inspection is also carried out on specific occasions.


In the run-up to the inspection, appointments are made by telephone. You can obtain information by telephone about the course of the inspection, the presence of the necessary responsible contact persons in the practice or the availability of important hygiene-relevant documents for inspection. After the inspection, the facility management will receive an inspection protocol in which deficiencies and deadlines for their rectification are listed.

Documents to be kept available

  • Hygiene plan
  • Cleaning and disinfection plan
  • if applicable, validation report within the scope of the preparation of medical devices
  • Proof of training, e.g. hygiene training, if necessary, expert knowledge course for the acquisition of the expertise according to the Medical Device Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) for the reprocessing of medical devices in medical and dental practices

Building projects

Vor the construction, modification or change of use of buildings with hygiene-relevant functional areas in

  • Hospitals,
  • Facilities for outpatient surgery,
  • Preventive or rehabilitation facilities where medical care comparable to that provided by hospitals is provided,
  • Dialysis facilities and
  • Day clinics

a hospital hygienist (§ 6 ThürmedHygVO) must prepare an expert opinion on the fulfilment of the structural-functional requirements for compliance with the generally recognised rules of hygiene (hygiene report).

At the same time, the responsible public health department must be involved in the construction project.

Prior to commissioning, a declaration signed by the responsible planner and the executing agency of the facility must be submitted to the public health authority for implementation of the expert recommendations.


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