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About us

The specialized health service fulfills the tasks of the public health service for the citizens of the city of Jena. In contrast to outpatient and inpatient individual medical care, the specialized health service has monitoring and control, coordination, educational and advisory tasks with the aim of protecting and promoting the health of the population .

Public health service

The Public Health Service carries out examinations and assessments in accordance with legal regulations, performs monitoring tasks in the field of mortuary and funeral services and in medical supervision, and offers protective vaccinations.

Pediatric and adolescent medical service

The Pediatric and Adolescent Medical Service performs tasks in the context of school entry and target group-oriented examinations, counseling services for children, adolescents and their parents, as well as assessments of participation benefits on behalf of public authorities.

Dental Service

The dental service carries out preventive dental examinations and group prophylactic measures in daycare centers and schools.

Hygiene Team

The Hygiene Team monitors hygienic standards in medical and community facilities, as well as the quality of drinking and swimming water, and provides counseling and testing for HIV and other STIs.

Social Psychiatric Service

The Social Psychiatric Service offers help and advice for people with mental illnesses and their relatives, including home visits, and carries out assessments of participation benefits on behalf of public authorities.

Health Promotion Unit

The Health Promotion Unit is responsible for health reporting, strategic health planning, coordination, networking and further development of municipal health promotion.


Health service

Lutherplatz 3
07743 Jena