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Bathing water

For many people, a visit to the baths in the city of Jena means relaxation and sports activities in and around the water.

In order to avoid any risk to human health, in particular from pathogens public swimming and bathing pools and bathing waterThe Galaxsea is routinely monitored by the staff of the Jena public health department for infection hygiene, also on an ad hoc basis (e.g. complaints).

In addition to the swimming and bathing pool(s), a swimming pool facility (e.g. Galaxsea) also includes changing and shower rooms, seating and/or lying facilities and - usually invisible to bathers - the technical bathing water treatment plant.

The monitoring of the bathing waters (e.g. Südbad Schleichersee) is carried out shortly before and during the bathing season by visiting the bathing area and its surroundings with regard to possible sources of contamination and by taking, examining and analysing water samples with regard to compliance with the microbiological and chemical parameters.

In addition to surveillance, the public health department offers Jena also offers advice on diseases associated with bathing water.

Further information on water quality and hygiene in public baths can be found in the service portal.

Even as a bathing guest you can personally contribute to hygiene.

Jhe bathing guest brings about the following effects through excretions and washing-off from the body Pollution such as welding and urine components, microoorganisms and body care products into the bath water.

By thoroughly cleaning the body before swimming, these can be kept out of the bathing water, thus reducing the amount of technical treatment required. Body cleaning before bathing should be done thoroughly with soap and shampoo and should reach all parts of the body.

Barefoot bathing shoes should always be worn.

Perfect hygienic conditions and no health hazard for the bathroom visitor are placed in swimming and bathing poolsif the provisions of the German Protection against Infection Act (IfSG) and the Claims arising from the regulations derived therefrom and regulations are observed.

Legal bases for Swimming and bathing pool

  • Infection Protection Actz
  • Ordnungsbehördliche Verordnung über Sicherheitsvorkehrungen in Badeanstalten im Freistaat Thüringen
  • DIN 19643 - Treatment of swimming and bathing pool water
  • Recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency "Hygiene requirements for bathrooms and their monitoring

Das Jena health office controlled natural EU bathingewater under the terms of Thuringian Ordinance on the quality and management of bathing water (ThürBgwQuBwVO).

Bathing water monitoring shall be carried out shortly before and during the bathing season by visiting the bathing site and its surroundings with a view to possible sources of contamination and by taking, examining and analysing water samples for compliance with microbiological and chemical parameters.

Legal basis

  • Directive 2006/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the management of bathing water quality and repealing Directive 76/160/EEC
  • Thuringian Regulation on the Quality and Management of Bathing Water (ThürBgwVO)
  • Federal Environment Agency recommendation for the protection of bathers from cyanobacterial toxins
  • DIN EN ISO 19458 Sampling for microbiological tests

Announcement of the bathing water list according to § 12 para. 1 of the Thuringian Ordinance on the Quality and Management of Bathing Water (ThürBgwVO) of 30.06.2009: The Department of Health of the City of Jena announces that a list of bathing waters will be drawn up according to § 14 para. 1 of the ThürBgwVO.

According to § 12 of the ThürBgwVO, citizens can make suggestions when drawing up the bathing water list. Inquiries, suggestions and information about the bathing water in the city of Jena can be sent until April 1st of the year to the:

Public health department of the city of Jena
Lutherplatz 3
07743 Jena

telephone number 0049 3641 49-3293 or by e-mail to gesundheitsamt@jena.de.


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Tuesday 08:00 - 11:30
Wednesday no office hours
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Please arrange a personal consultation appointment by telephone.

Team Hygiene

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