Advice and assistance

Self-help groups are made up of people who have a common problem or a common illness. In the group they find understanding, help and strengthen each other.

At the IKOS Counselling Centre for Self-help, you can obtain further information on the subject of self-help, on the groups available in Jena and also support if you would like to found a self-help group yourself.

In Jena there are various support and treatment possibilities for mental illnesses. A bundled compilation of concrete offers and contact persons as well as a lot of further information, e.g. about crisis assistance or the community psychiatric association, can be found here.

The Social Psychiatric Service of the Health Department is also one of the support services for people with mental problems, a mental illness or also in conflict situations. Relatives and contact persons can also contact our team. The offer includes among other things

On the town hall page you will find a summary of all the tasks of the Social Psychiatric Service.

The Centre for Mental Health of the Diakonie Ostthüringen also offers counselling sessions and enables low-threshold encounters with other sick people in Café 13.

Dementia is one of the most common diseases in old age, affecting about 1.7 million people in Germany. However, when a person falls ill, this also affects their family. Often it is the relatives who care for and nurse the affected person, going through a rollercoaster of compassion, helplessness and despair. They invest a great deal of energy and are faced with many practical challenges. It is therefore good to seek advice on the support options available in good time.

The care centre has an overview of the offers in Jena and will be happy to advise you.

For many people it is the most beautiful triviality in the world - but sex can also transmit diseases. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have different signs and can be caused by very different pathogens. If you suspect you have been infected with an STI, it is important that you seek advice. You can consult your gynaecologist, urologist or dermatologist.

An anonymous option is the STI consultation of the public health department. It provides information on sexually transmitted diseases and offers free HIV tests.

The Specialist Service for Health has transferred addiction counselling to independent agencies:

Relatives and contact persons can also turn to the counselling services.