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Public institutions

Public institutions (e.g. day-care centres, schools or old people's and nursing homes) are monitored by the public health department with regard to infection hygiene and advised on hygiene issues.

The implementation of surveillance is based on the legal basis of § 33 of the Infection Protection Act, § 36 of the Infection Protection Act and § 6 of the Ordinance on the Public Health Service and the Tasks of the Health Offices in the Districts and Independent Cities.

The following facilities are subject to infection hygiene monitoring by the public health department:

  • Community facilities such as day nurseries, schools and after-school care centres and other educational establishments
  • child and youth welfare institutions
  • Child day care facilities (childminders)
  • Children's playgrounds
  • publicly accessible sports facilities
  • Baths and bathing places
  • Old people's and nursing homes
  • ambulatory nursing services
  • full and part-time inpatient facilities for the care and accommodation of elderly, disabled or care-dependent people
  • Emergency services
  • Blood Donation
  • Tattoo studios
  • Homeless shelter
  • Community accommodation for asylum seekers/refugees
  • Accommodation facilities (Schullandheim, hotels), camping and tent sites
  • cosmetic pedicure

Inspections of the facilities are carried out routinely at certain time intervals.

If necessary (e.g. complaints, frequent occurrence of notifiable infectious diseases), however, unannounced inspections are also carried out on specific occasions.

During the Inspectionen wearth The hygiene regime of the facility, including the facility specific hygiene plan and the cleaning and disinfection plan, is checked. Are inspections carried out at the If the inspection reveals deficiencies, the public health department shall determine the necessary measures to remedy the deficiencies.


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